Stages ONE LIVE Training | Joe Alvarado | June 3, 2023 | Life Time Centennial, CO

Your Introduction into the world of Indoor Cycling

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with a manufacturing and R&D base in Boulder, Colorado, in 2010 our core design and executive team set out to pioneer power measurement for indoor cycling. During this journey of discovery and the testing of thousands of indoor cycles, we took this knowledge and Stages Cycling came to market in 2012 with power meter for outdoor bikes to completely blow the category of power measurement apart. Six World Championships and less than a year later, the world’s most data-driven, obsessive, professional cycling team, Team Sky, chose to exclusively ride Stages Power meters. In 2015 Stages cycling decided to go back to where they began by launching their own line of Indoor Cycles, to provide the education for instructors to lead classes on their bikes they launched the Stages Cycling University.

The Stages One course is the first step in a line of courses designed to raise the knowledge and understanding of Power for instructors in the world of indoor cycling. We all need to start somewhere, so this course has been developed to provide both new and returning indoor cycling leaders with the tools and information necessary to instruct safe and effective classes.

Your Instructor

Team Stages
Team Stages

Our global Master Educator team coaches are experts in training and cycling with power meters and incorporating music into the experience. They’ll teach you how to successfully integrate teaching with power into your existing classes while coaching you on how to make riding with a power meter fun, simple, and motivating for your members. A great mix of learning about power, rhythm, and the enjoyment of cycling, our team is multilingual when it comes to speaking all the languages of indoor cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin and end?
The course begins with completing the online materials which could take anywhere from 6-8 hours. It will culminate with a full-day live training with a Stages Master Educator.
How long do I have access to the course?
The Stages ONE certification lasts for 2 years. You will have full access to the materials for 2 full years after purchase. After 2 years you will need to re-certify.

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